MEP Solutions

Our MEP Solutions Services: 

Mechanical & Plumbing

HVAC Solutions

Heating Systems

Heating Radiators

Heating radiators systems are one of the most famous ways of heating nowadays, it’s a go-to option for many new facilities

Under-floor Heating

The underfloor heating system is considered one of the most efficient, eco-friendly ways of heating.

Swimming Pool Heating

Swimming Pool Heating System is important in winter, to extend swimming season time while enjoying the warm water.

Ventilation Systems

Exhaust Ventilation

Local exhaust ventilation system (LEV) is a mechanical system designed to decrease pollutants like dust, gases, smoke and other similar airborne particles to build up, which can cause allergies when breathed in.

Supply (Fresh Air) Ventilation

Supply Ventilation system is a mechanical system to ventilate and purify the air in the room.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation system differs from other mechanical systems in the market as it doesn’t cause pressure in the room to go up or down. It balances it using two fans for air supply and exhaust to control airflow pressure.

Energy Recovery

Energy recovery ventilation systems (ERV) is a mechanical ventilation system that helps in decreasing energy loss thus reduce operation cost.

Air Conditioning

Direct Expansion (DX)

Direct expansion Air Conditioning System is a common air conditioning system that uses condensed refrigerant liquid (freon) directly to cool indoor air.

Concealed Ducted Split

The concealed ducted split system is an invisible HVAC option, where the indoor air handler is hidden in the ceiling or the attic with visible small vents in the assigned area.

Split-System Air Conditioners

Chilled Water

The chilled water system is an HVAC system that uses hot or cold water to adjust air temperature, instead of the regular refrigerant – freon. Which eliminates the need for a condensing unit which contains the condenser, compressor and expansion valve.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Electrical Solutions

Low‐Voltage Solutions

Building Management System

Building Management system software is a structured control of a multi-system setup designed to optimize a building’s various electrical and mechanical systems. The system relies on a centralized hub or computer to monitor various parameters such as the HVAC, Electrical Systems, Security and Fire Systems.

BusBar Trunking System

A BusBar trunking system is basically a metallic conductor, usually, as the name implies a bar or strip. This is typically used to conduct a high current, low voltage power supply.

Low Current Systems

Emergency Power

Emergency Power Systems are a backup form of electrical supply that is typically critical to maintain and ensure the primary electrical power needed by an infrastructure during an emergency is delivered. Such a system is usually on standby and is operated and activated automatically when a power cut or a blackout occurs.


Active Solutions

Server Solutions

Server Solutions are defined as a group or multiple computers connected to serve a particular function. Servers function based on their required use and provide a specific service related to that use. Server Solutions could also be a piece of software, which connects multiple pieces of hardware in an infrastructure.