Supply Ventilation system

Supply Ventilation system is a mechanical system to ventilate and purify the air in the room.

The system works as opposed to the exhaust ventilation system, the operation increases the pressure in the room by pushing fresh air in through the fan, forcing existing air to go out to balance the internal pressure.

To achieve that, the system relies on the tubes and blowers of the already existing air conditioning system.

To get the fresh air in from outside, a small supply duct and a small motorized damper is installed; to connect the air handler to the open air outside the house or property. 

This system needs a special fan to operate in case the heating and cooling system is off.

It’s better to use the system while the air conditioning system is on; not to waste too much energy. As the supply ventilation system needs to move a smaller amount of air than the amount needed for heating and cooling, thus it will use the same amount of energy for a way smaller process.

Supply Ventilation system designs

Forced-air supply from existing heating, ventilation, and A/C (HAVC) system

This design relies on an existing HAVC to purify the air in the room, through connecting an intake tube running from outside into the return air ducts.
The return duct takes the air out of the room then sends it back to the central unit, to adjust its temperature through a separate air vent.
The intake duct comes with a motorized damper with a special controller; to blend fresh air from outside to the HVAC system. The damper is set to open when needed.

Multiport supply ventilation systems

The system is used to pressurize the indoor by using a single-port exhaust fan to balance the supply fan.
The central fan brings in the fresh air from outside through a filter and transfers it through ducts to the rooms supply grills.
In cold climates, you may need to balance the supply fan with a single-port exhaust fan.

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Benefits of Supply Ventilation system

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Supply Ventilation Systems Maintenance and cleaning

An HVAC air vent that is used in the supply ventilation system requires maintenance every 3-5 years to prevent mold building up. 

The system may need to be cleaned and maintained more often (annually), according to your indoor and outdoor environment.

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