Local exhaust ventilation system

Local exhaust ventilation system (LEV) is a mechanical system designed to decrease pollutants like dust, gases, smoke and other similar airborne particles to build up, which can cause allergies when breathed in.

The system filtrates air in your building and takes out contaminants through vents, to depressurize your home and keep the optimum temperature and air quality improving the indoor environment.

This system works best at cold climates; as in warmer climates, it could attract moisture to wall gaps causing damage.
Operation depends on electricity, and a switch -usually installed on the wall- is used to control it.

Exhaust ventilation system designs

The most common type of exhaust ventilation system has a central exhaust point located in the building tied to a single fan in each room.

The system depends on a rotational process, where the fans take out the already existing air in the room, causing the pressure to go down, thus forcing fresh air to enter from outside the dedicated tubes.

The second type connects a central fan to ducts from several rooms.

Another design that relies on larger pressure differences than the fan model, relies on installing adjustable passive vents in rooms that allow fresh air to enter the area.

Exhaust ventilation System Benefits

The system is very beneficial when it comes to reducing allergens effect; as it is useful in:

  • areas like bathrooms and kitchens; as it helps in preventing moisture build-up. Condensation can build up on walls and other surfaces causing mould to grow.
  • areas where smoking is allowed, where bad smell can build up and make the place smelly.

Other ventilation systems in the market

Local exhaust ventilation system

What makes the exhaust ventilation system different than other options available?

Local exhaust ventilation system

Exhaust ventilation system parts need to be cleaned regularly; to prevent forming of mould and dust building up on the fan and the motor.

Cleaning can be done at least twice a year.

Ensuring that the system is clean helps in increasing its life span, and reducing the need for professional maintenance.

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