Infrastructure Installation

General description

Infrastructure is the backbone of any system. The infrastructure consists of physical structures like roads, tunnels, bridges and rail tracks. Other examples are sewage lines and facilities, airports, emergency stations, health services, hospitals, clinics etc. It also includes the consulting, assessment, strategic planning, and conceptual design services set to be put in action for the necessary task or need.

Infrastructure Types

Infrastructure includes two main types; Hard and Soft. 

It can be further subdivided in three more ways, to help show the distinctiveness between each type, these are;

Infrastructure Installation
Core Assets

These include essential services that must be provided to help maintain strong incorporation of the other components of it.

Basic Assets

These assets include all the physical roads, buildings and any other tangible components that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Complementary Assets

Complementary assets, just like the name suggests, are enhancers or improvers to the main assets and are not critical to the operation of it.


A good infrastructure is what makes all the difference. Careful planning and execution are vital for effective operation and reliability. A vast majority of aspects improves with good infrastructure such as;

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