Wet Engineering Work

Wet Work or Wet engineering is the field that specializes in all fluid or water-related projects in relation to water supply, for example, irrigation technology, water-based fire prevention systems, resource management utilities, water treatment and cleansing, disaster flood control, hydropower etc. 

More examples of Wet engineering include;

Wet Engineering Work

Benefits of proper Wet engineering work include;

The most common Wet engineering is usually installation of a water pump and piping solution. The service focuses on space-saving measures, minimum demolishing or environmental zone alteration and modular approach and design to the system’s components. This system usually comprises a water pump of a specified displacement, piping and a preset piping plan and multiple outlets to and from the water lines. Various sensors and gauges are set in place to detect water usage and shut off the pump if no flow is needed.

Another common application of wet work is leak control. This service requires a technician or a specialized individual to assess the problem and set a repair sequence. The servicing is usually done by one or more people depending on the scale of the said leak.

Various other services that a company does related to wet work are also available including but not limited to;

Wet Engineering Work
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