Off-grid solar system

Off-grid solar systems can be used to power supply medium to large properties. The system provides all the energy needed without being tied to a utility grid.

The solar panels produce energy that is then stored in a battery bank (backup batteries) to be used later in supplying the building with electricity. The batteries are set to charge whenever the sun is shining, so the energy can be used at night or when the weather is cloudy.

This system is the perfect option for where net metering is not allowed, which allows exporting excess solar energy to the grid or importing energy in case there is not enough solar energy generated.

Off-grid solar system components

Solar Panels

Silicon-based photovoltaic cells (PV cells) are used to make current solar panels that are connected to adjacent panels through cables, they are used to produce direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight/ irradiance, not heat.
The energy produced depends on solar panels orientation and tilt angle, efficiency, energy loss due to shading, dirt and ambient temperature.

DC-AC solar inverter

It’s a power electronics device used to convert solar-generated electricity (Direct Current - DC) to Alternating Current (AC) needed in most properties, with an efficiency that can go up to 98%.

Solar cables

Charge Controller

Which calculates the current amount to be injected into the batteries to achieve maximum performance, also protecting the battery from overcharging. This can be helpful in determining the efficiency of the overall system and the operating life of the batteries.

Battery Bank (backup batteries)

The batteries are used to store excess energy generated during the day, to be used later when there is not enough solar power or at night.

A Connected Load

This ensures that the electricity is flowing through a complete electrical circuit.

Backup generator and a transfer switch

This component is optional in an Off-grid system, used when the solar power and the battery bank doesn’t provide enough power for the property. This increases reliability and redundancy.
The backup generator comes with a manual or automatic transfer switch, to switch between the generator and the energy from the solar energy.

System Mounts

Off grid solar system Off-grid solar system

How the Off-grid solar system works

Direct current electricity is generated when the sun rays hit the solar panels. 

The DC electricity is then transferred to the charge controller to decide the amount of electricity that goes into batteries.

The solar inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity to be used in the property.

What to know before installing the system

off grid solar array Off-grid solar system

Off-grid solar system benefits

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