Steel Systems

Sliding doors

This type of door is commonly used in places with conditions where other types of doors fail to perform their functions such as limited space, living in high or low grounds and even the ground itself is not suitable for other types of doors, that is where sliding doors come to good use.


Regarding automated system: Each motor system to be applied differs from another depending on the gate’s condition, for example how frequently the gate opens and closes, the ground bearing the gate and several other conditions that can be affected which motor to choose, not to mention we consult a licensed professional to know which type of motor will be suited the best.

Swing door

The main advantage of this door that it’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost too much for its maintenance and moreover it’s used widely for gardens as it provides both safety for the animals, kids (and house or establishment) and an amazing view.

Steel Swing door steel systems


Garage doors

Nowadays people replaced using traditional manually hand opened doors for the garage with automated remotely controlled garage gates to have access to their home with ease.

Steel Systems


Rolling shutter

Some people see that it costs too much regarding its function, but on the other hand, It provides way more perks in return due to it being automated.

Steel Rolling shutter scaled steel systems


Alternatives of Steel Systems

Aluminium Systems - Aluminium shutter

The aluminium is lighter than steel and shinier used mainly for small scale commercials and establishments

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