Surveillance system

Surveillance systems are the monitoring of individuals or valuables to establish either personal details or information about a subject or simply secure a physical item from harm. Surveillance could also include a gathering of information to create a database and sort out important data sets that are relevant to the surveillant. 

With the relevant data, profiles could be set to aid in managing or influencing an outcome; such as stopping a crime from happening. Another example could include observation of people of interest and generating a behavioral report about said person. This could include daily patterns, personal preferences and so on. 

In engineering terms, surveillance is a method of data gathering via multiple components and an integrated central data processing unit. To establish such a network, many variables need to be looked at such as what specific input is taken, what categorization method is used and expected output. This depends on both physical components (sensors etc.) and software (AI or Data Collection Unit). 

Methods of Surveillance

Surveillance can be done in many ways including but not limited to;

The most common methods include both Computer digital data collection and Cameras. This is due to the digitized world we live in today where access is available like never before.

Surveillance system

Building Specific Surveillance and Control

A building’s surveillance and security is based on integration of various physical and non physical components. This includes;

Security Room or Booth.

This is the building’s main security space where various components feed in data such as CCTV feed or perimeter security (if a breach is to occur). Many other data such as a detailed individual list and security checks pass by the security team in this area.

Security Checkpoint.

This is essential on entry and exit points of a building where all workers or employees pass by and present their security clearance. Certain additional components could be added such as metal detectors to deny entry to any harmful device or weapon.

Electric Fencing and Perimeter Motion Sensors.

This is a physical barrier or security measure that protects from theft and unauthorized entry around a building.

Access Control.

This is a computerized system where only authorized individuals with the relevant access card could enter an area or room in a building. This is essential when controlling who has permission to access certain data or monitor where each individual is present.

Alarms and Audio.

Various security, fire and emergency alarms are to be set up around a building to warn of a threat, fire or other cases of risk or danger. Audio speakers are also to be placed to directly announce or inform employees about an urgent matter.

The above-mentioned systems could also be integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) to have complete control of a building’s current status and elevate any security, comfort or auxiliary features to be better.

Building Specific Surveillance and Control Surveillance


Surveillance and control, when done in an ethical and acceptable way, can generally lead to a better outcome or possibly avoidance of a future problem. Surveillance in, for example, a workplace can lead to overall increased output and profits, as an underworking employee can be identified. Other benefits include;

Surveillance can also be applied to home protection. This could potentially reduce the risk of home invasion and property damage.

Integration, Installation and System Management

Installation and startup could be relatively simple. Many components could be acquired easily and most surveillance software’s are readily available on the market. The system could be managed by a single person in most cases, with only a large infrastructure monitoring requiring a team of operatives.

Management of data sets and whatever equipment used is usually done remotely and wirelessly. This eases off the learning curve for most and is a potential positive point that may attract many customers. A huge market is available for different components and this range of selection is what makes surveillance today as easy as it gets.

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