Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System

Direct expansion Air Conditioning System is a common air conditioning system that uses condensed refrigerant liquid (freon) directly to cool indoor air.

The refrigerant is being expanded directly before going through the evaporator. The system is installed inside the building, with some parts installed outside.

Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System Types

DX solution comes in different shapes and sizes and cooling capacities, examples of the system types are:

Best places to use DX system

This system is best used in large areas such as:

How the system operates

The Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System uses a refrigeration cycle to cool the space, which goes through:

Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System (DX)
Freon expansion:

Where a thermal expansion valve(TXV) or capillary tube is used in a flow control device.

Freon vaporization:

The freon evaporates in the evaporator coil at a constant temperature and pressure.


The evaporated freon goes through the compressor to be compressed and increases its temperature and pressure.


The compressed vapor then moves to the condenser. The condenser fan pulls the air to the condenser coil surface, where vaporis transferred to it.

System alternatives


Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System (DX)


Direct expansion system is a low maintenance system, however, following the manufacturer instructions could help maintain the system in a good condition for a longer period of time.

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