Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire at a workplace might pose the greatest hazard to both life and property. The risk involved is major and a proper fire prevention and control plan must be set in place while training workplace employees the correct and proper way to deal with said hazard.

Three main elements make up a fire, known as a fire triangle. This usually consists of oxygen, fuel and heat. Since fire is primarily based on an ongoing chemical reaction and releases a lot of energy in the process, removing one or more of these three factors will prevent the combustion from taking place.

Heat is essential to start a fire and is continually generated as the fire combusts. Accidental fires generally have their ignition can occur as a result of obstructing ventilation on machinery that heats up. A fire can also occur if flammable materials are kept too close to heaters.

There are several types of fire extinguishing available to choose from, specializing in specific types of fires and exclusive to each. No two fires are put out the same way. Therefore, a careful assessment of the fire is needed to determine the course of action.

extinguishers types Fire Extinguishing

Types of fires include;

Different fire extinguishing will be set in place to handle the different types, these include;

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Each type of extinguisher corresponds to one or more types of fire and should be used accordingly or a greater risk might be posed.

Moreover, the personal training of the working force should be properly trained to act swiftly to control and extinguish the fire. An evacuation plan is to be set and rolled in action at any moment if a fire occurs.

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