Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heaters are a modern and clean way to use solar energy for heating water in most buildings, making use of a free energy source. 

Also, it’s an effective and cheap way to supply hot water necessary for daily uses, as it can work in various weather conditions, heating water quickly and efficiently even in cold days. 

How Vacuum tube solar water heating systems works

Vacuum tube solar water heating system technology relies on “evacuated tubes”, which absorb solar energy and convert it to thermal energy; to heat water. Each vacuum tube consists of two borosilicate glass tubes, one inside the other. This kind of glass is durable and resistant to breakage.

The outer tube is transparent to allow sunlight to pass through, while the inner tube is coated with a chrome and nickel black layer that absorbs 98% of the sunlight falling on it. 

The chrome and nickel black coating is what makes these solar heat collectors better than other collectors in the market; as it changes the shortwave solar radiation to longwave heat radiation which means that you only lose 6% of the sun energy 

The two tube ends are fixed together through a “Fusion” process, after vacuuming the air between them under a high temperature. This vacuum results in the presence of an isolation area between the two tubes, which prevents the water thermal energy from escaping.

Vacuuming the air between the two tubes is to preserve the heat that the tubes absorb from solar rays from escaping; to achieve high efficiency even in cold climates.

Vacuum tube solar water heating systems parts

Alternatives in the market

Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heating Systems

Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heating Systems Benefits

The system operates at a much higher temperature than its counterparts, it can be used for:

  • solar home heating applications
  • solar space heating
  • solar process heating
  • solar air conditioning
  • commercial solar heating applications


It’s recommended to keep the collectors clean to effectively absorb thermal energy and to get professional maintaining service once every five years.

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