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HAFEZ SMART SOLUTION SYSTEMS (HSSS) was established in 2014. We run a dynamic and progressive business with a clear objective to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective complete MEP, Solar, and electromechanical works.
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Smart solution systems in depth

The term “Smart solution systems” has been around for a couple of years now, and recently it became obvious that it’s here to stay and we have to be more aware of it.

With the booming technological development, we became dependent more and more on smart devices. Smart mobiles became the norm in most of the world, and most of us use them on an hourly basis.

We started seeing the transformation of regular daily devices into smart devices happening, and the spread of smart devices and systems are rapidly growing.

These smart solution systems and devices are designed to make our lives easier, and they are our ticket to the future, especially with the building awareness of it being an international concept.

Smart solution systems and services use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and can be found in residential or business buildings. Although it’s an optional addition to your property, it will add much value with an average digits price tag.

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What are

Smart solution systems?

To begin with, we have to know what these systems are, and why they are useful.

Smart solution systems combine innovative technologies and apply them in various life fields such as offices, cars and more.

Simply, Smart solution systems use the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the form of smart devices that we can use in many ways.

IoT devices are smart electronic devices connected to the internet; to collect data or to do a certain function.

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Smart solutions applications

Smart solutions applications can be found in various fields, such as Smart Cities, Smart Environment, Smart Water, Smart Metering, Security & Emergencies, Smart Retail, Logistics, Industrial Control, Smart Agriculture, Home Automation, Telecommunication, and eHealth. 

These systems measure and collect various data on top of many other functions such as steering equipment, which will help in optimizing organizational processes and make your life easier. 

To have a clearer idea of how these applications could help us in the short and long term, let’s take a look at some examples of how these systems are applied.

  1. There are various smart solution systems that can be applied in smart cities, such as:
    – Monitor parking spaces available in the city through Smart parking.
    – Monitor vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments, which can be very useful in earthquake-prone cities
    – Detect smartphones and device that works with WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces through Smartphone Detection
    – Measure Electromagnetic Field Levels
    – Detect Traffic Congestion through monitoring vehicles and pedestrian levels
    – Smart street lighting that adapts to weather conditions
    – Creating Smart roads through sending warning messages and recommending diversions according to climate conditions and sudden events like accidents or traffic jams.
    – Optimizing trash collection routes through detect waste levels
    – Monitoring sound in centric zones in real time through Noise Urban Maps

– Monitor the quality of tap water
– Measure Swimming pool condition remotely
– Detect water leakages through sensing water presence outside tanks and measure pressure change in the pipes

– Monitor the quality of tap water
– Measure Swimming pool condition remotely
– Detect water leakages through sensing water presence outside tanks and measure pressure change in the pipes

– Smart grids helps in monitoring energy consumption and manage it
– Monitor water, oil and gas levels in storage tanks

  1. – Access Control systems, which provide security by controlling who is allowed to enter your premises or certain area within it. In addition to detecting people through a security camera system.
    There are 4 types of access control systems; biometric access control system, proximity access control system, door access control systems and security access control system.
    – Detecting Liquid Presence
    – Measuring radiation levels
    – Networks security systems, which uses secure firewalls and cookies to manage unauthorized access to your internal network

– Monitor and control products storage and supply chain queue condition
– Getting advices in the point of sale according to customers previous experiences through Intelligent Shopping Applications

– Item allocation in warehouses or harbours
– Fleet Tracking and controlling for delicate goods routes such as medical drugs, jewels or else

– M2M Applications
– Temperature Monitoring and controlling
It can be used to control temperature inside industrial and medical fridges

  1. – Smart irrigation system
    To help water your plants in certain times and with specific water amount and other features
    – Control micro-climate in green houses to maximize the production and quality
    – Gives a report about weather conditions in fields to forecast rain, drought or wind changes through what is called “Meteorological Station Network”
    – Control of humidity and temperature levels in compost components, avoiding fungus and microbial contaminants to get the best compost.

Home automation systems and services can be controlled through mobile or a smart speaker with a built-in voice assistant not to press any buttons during the process.
Energy and Water supply and monitoring
– Control appliances remotely

You can control any internet connected appliance in your home to avoid accidents and save energy
– Security and intruders Detection Systems
Smart cameras can be wall or ceiling mount
– Other examples on home automation systems:
* Smart light control
* Smart A/C and temperature control
* Smart blinds and shutter control
* Smart control for music system
* Solutions for indoor/outdoor communication
Intercom systems for houses and apartment buildings
* Smart control for home theatre
* Smoke detector system

The main application in this field is Signal boosters systems
Which can help in amplifying your weak mobile signal to give you a 5 bar signal anywhere around your property or project.

– Medical Fridges
Conditions inside freezers storing vaccines, medicines and organic elements has to be monitored and controlled all the time
– Patients Surveillance systems
Which helps in monitoring the conditions of patients inside hospitals for quick response and support
– Fall Detection
Which aims to detect elderly or disabled falls, which comes in handy if they are living alone

These are just some examples of what we can expect from smart solution systems. There are way more applications and many more are to come. 

If you are a company owner, a service provider or have a residential property, you can use those systems based on your needs to enhance your overall smart experience.

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HSSS is your technology partner that provides the full lifecycle of integrated smart solutions systems. We guarantee that you will get exactly what you are looking for regardless of what is your demands or your scope we can make it happen.

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Marwan Farah
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"Perfect! Completed a cctv job in an office building. Great support, professional., and cost effective. Adding to that, they installed a 3g signal repeater in my gym.. From no network to full! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
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Ayman Naguib
Former Managing Director at Omega Real Estate Sevices
"The best company for prices and after sales services Thanks for always being professional with us Omega Real estate team"
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Hosam Hamdy
"Really thanks for amazing experience. You have a great staff under professional management. I like your innovation and products under suitable prices. Thanks again."
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Ibrahim Zayed
"Excellent service especially after sale maintenance Excellent technicians Affordable prices Excellent products I was lucky to work with this professional company."
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Dr. Amr Kamel
"Excellent experience working with HSSS. Always on top of customer’s needs"
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Kholoud Hashem
"Great customer service, quick installation and high quality. Very professional and friendly team."
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Mohamed Mohy
Dixi’s Fried Chicken
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